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qalm Takeover at Getaway | thursday, june 6th, 8-10pm

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Let’s kick off Pride month in our own queer, quiet, introverted way.

We’ll be gathering at Getaway for an evening of 0% alcohol beverages and meaningful conversation. The lights will be dimmed and the music quiet. Just the sort of vibe we queer introverts crave.

We aren’t renting out Getaway, so other patrons will be there.

Be sure to register to attend here — tickets are limited!

About Getaway

At Getaway, we are committed to providing delicious drinks and a comfortable experience without the alcohol. We carefully choose 0% ABV ingredients to go into every drink so that you don’t have to worry. We believe everyone should consume what works best for their personal lifestyle, and we hope to provide new and exciting options for you to explore. Read more about Getaway:

Also, take a peek at their menu.


LGBTQ History Walking Tour | sunday, june 9th, 11am-1pm

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Join us for a phenomenal LGBTQ History Walking Tour!

This tour will be a fantastic way to honor our queer history and family throughout history.

On this tour around Greenwich Village, we will visit historic sites where revolutions began, riots were sparked, and history was made. We will see common threads within the LGBTQ generations who have lived life in New York City, sharing their stories throughout the tour. You’ll learn more about individual stories of queer activists, and the major political and social movements that have shaped the LGBTQ community over time. Sites include the historic Stonewall Inn, Christopher Park, the NYC AIDS Memorial, and the LGBT Community Center.

Buy your ticket — use the discount code QUEERET for 20% off this tour, as well as all tours throughout June!

About Christopher Street Tours

Christopher Street Tours is comprised of a dedicated and passionate group of tour guides that care about LGBTQ history and the mission of making this important information accessible to all.

We believe in engaging our guests through fun and informative ways, painting an accurate picture of LGBTQ history. We share stories from activists of the past as an inspiration to those who join us, to continue through their footsteps into the modern LGBTQ movement.


qalm: Pride edition w/ Automic Gold | thursday, june 13th, 8-10pm

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We’re so excited to partner with Automic Gold for a qalm, queer evening at Ad Hoc Cafe in the West Village (13 Christopher Street)

We’ll have an open open “bar” (alcohol-free drinks), qonversation cards, and the same chill vibe that we set for our qalm gatherings.

Also, if you are able, let’s put our coins together to support Immigration Equality - an organization which advocates for and represents lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer (LGBTQ), and HIV-positive immigrants seeking safety, fair treatment, and freedom.

If you are able, bring cash and all proceeds will go to Immigration Equality.

Be sure to register to attend here — tickets are limited!

About Automic Gold

Automic Gold Makes Radically Wearable Fine Jewelry for Everyone.

Visit their website here: automicgold.com
Follow on Instagram: @AutomicGold

About Ad Hoc

This 3rd wave cafe offers a classic coffee menu, each cup brewed with premium, wood-roasted beans. Enjoy your drink with a pastry or a bite from our ad hoc kitchen in a cozy NYC apt-like setting. The space is furnished with vintage/antique and some modern furniture and decor, all available to purchase.

Visit their website here: adhoccollective.com/philosophy