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queeret qonversation deck

queeret qonversation deck


our qonversation deck is what we use during our signature qalm gatherings to spark discussion and go deeper with one another.

this 50-card deck is designed specifically to:

  • help queer introverts take conversations deeper

  • create conversations that are both vulnerable and meaningful

  • slow down, be present, and get to know one another

  • foster a sense of belonging among queer folks

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what queer folks are saying about our qalm gatherings

qalm was full of humans who were incredibly welcoming. there was so much laughter in the room.

i left feeling like i ate a really delicious meal without the heart burn and bloat. i felt light and hopeful that spaces like this can really exist.
— Aimee , Brooklyn
if you are looking to have meaningful conversations with other queer introverts, you should definitely check out qalm.

i loved being able to authentically connect with other people while really being present. the city can be so isolating and distracting at times, and it was nice to slow down and just be around other queer people. this event really lifted my spirits.
— Andrew, Manhattan
it’s a place you can meet new friends but you don’t have to yell in the process like at bars or one restaurants.

i love that people were down to talk about vulnerable matters. it felt like a safe place to be and relax even with people i just met.
— Kei, Queens