queeret - a global movement for queer introverts
A global community for queer introverts.



help us create quiet, queer spaces.

queeret is 100% volunteer-led, with the mission of creating more spaces for queer introverts (and all queer people).

by chipping in, you’ll help us //

  • expand to more cities across the globe

  • maintain a robust web and social media presence, in order to spread our vision of creating quiet, queer, sober spaces

  • run Instagram and Facebook ad campaigns, so people will know about our local events

  • create programming — expanding on our qalm and book qlub gatherings

our financial goals for the first half of 2019 //

  • instagram & facebook ad campaign: $130
    purpose: Awareness - make more queer folks aware of our quiet, queer, sober mission

  • queer qonversation cards: $200 -
    purpose: print and ship 50 queeret qonversation decks, to distribute for local gatherings

  • domain name renewals: $40
    purpose: keep our custom domains for this site

  • Total for January-June 2019: $370

be sure to check out how we got started, our values, and the cities we aim to expand to in 2019 and beyond.

thank you for your help and support as we continue to create more spaces for queer introverts.

in quiet solidarity,

josh hersh and the queeret team