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qalm | gather together

what is qalm?

qalm is our signature monthly event.

part sober gathering. part meditation. part space to slow down. designed for queer introverts.

many spaces for queer people are charged with intensely loud music, flashing lights, and flowing drinks.

that sort of space is totally fine. this just isn't that.

qalm is meant to be a space where meaningful conversation can happen. no loud music to talk over. 

a place where the senses are calmed, instead of overloaded. a space for queer people to simply be together.


what to expect at qalm.

  1. chill music // i.e. ambient, low-level, calm beats

  2. beverages + pastries // think chai, coffee, and tea

  3. qonversation prompts // taking conversations below the surface

  4. a posture of welcome // learn about our values

  5. new friends // make new queer friends

  • The event is come-and-go as you like

  • In the evening

  • Usually hosted at a cafe or coffee shop

Local host: Laureline


Saturday, June 29th - Pride Day, 6-9pm


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