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five questions: meet luis - queeret co-founder

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about a month ago, Luis reached out to us, excited to bring his own introverted energy to help grow queeret across the country. as a co-founder, Luis will be contributing regularly to our blog - covering topics that are near and dear to queer introverts.

since you’ll be reading more from Luis down the road, we wanted to help all of you get to know him. we’re also super excited for him to share his wisdom, as an introvert navigating an often extrovert-oriented world.

be sure to say hello — you can find Luis on Instagram at @thisisluisrivas. now, to the interview:

1) At one point in your life, you resisted your introvert nature -- what helped you embrace being an introvert?

Knowing and understanding what it was that truly made me an introvert. My need for alone time wasn’t me being selfish or uncaring or even anti-social, it was simply me needing space to recharge my internal batteries. You don’t get mad at your car when the gas gauge is almost empty, you just take it in stride and go to the nearest gas station. That’s the same thing when my body and mind sends me signals that me energy is running low. I just quietly escape from the everyday, recharge, and come back for more.

2) How have you learned to thrive, being an introvert, in a world that often caters to extroverts?

Planning…and coffee. I understand myself better than I did, say 10 years ago. I know what gets me going, what drains me, and how to take a step back from it all and find the right path for different occasions. For example - If I have a work day that is busy in the afternoon networking and meeting a lot of people, my mornings tend to be quieter so I can fully charge and prepare for all the sights and sounds that I know are coming. I also know that, depending on the people and activity, I can give a good two hours or so before I start feeling less energetic and more anxious to get away. Planning helps me stay sane. Coffee, on the other hand, helps with that quick pick me up when I don’t have time to mentally prepare and recharge. Meditation helps too, but I like coffee.

3) What's been you experience in Houston, being queer and introverted?

Being in the 4th largest city, there is a lot going on in Houston. Unfortunately, 95% of the things are catered to extroverts, especially in the gay scene. Our queer coffee houses that we’ve had over the years have all been shuttered in favor of the bar/dance club atmosphere. Not that I don’t love these in measure, but there’s something about going to a gay coffee house that speaks to me more. I’m hoping I can bring Josh’s vision to Houston and provide not only an different way to be gay and go out in Houston, but network with other places and truly start a cross country dialog on what it means to be queer and introverted.

4) How do you prefer to spend your free time?

With as little outside distraction as possible. I love a good book – from fun brain candy type novels to self-help and historical accounts. I love reading about history as equally as much as I love reading fantasy and suspense/horror. I also love my Xbox as it gives me a chance to immerse myself in a world or adventure much like reading does. Walking/hiking/running in wooded areas also rounds out my top three.

5) What's one word, phrase, or message you have for other queer introverts?

Know yourself. Take the time to really get to know what makes you tick, what makes you…you. It will be invaluable as you relate to other people and navigate this great adventure.

6) Finish this sentence: Life is too short to tolerate __?



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