queeret - a global movement for queer introverts
A global community for queer introverts.


Where do the quiet gays go? That’s a question Hannah Gadsby asked, and we’re willing to provide an answer — with quiet, sober, queer events.


queeret is a movement by and for queer introverts,
we create social gatherings that are queer, quiet, & sober.

our qalm gatherings - a two-hour, cozy, reflective, easy-on-the-senses
event - is what we’re bringing to cities across the globe.

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we craft slower-paced atmospheres, choose substance over flashiness, and believe
queer liberation and connection can be achieved without alcohol.

founded in New York City. help us come to your city.



our values


slow down. quiet tunes. atmospheres that easily allow for conversation to flourish. easy on the senses.


soft lighting. flickering candles. delicious beverages. inviting space. our gatherings feel like a warm hug.


forget the outside. put a pause on the frenzy pace of your day-to-day. be here now with other queer folks.


conversations that go below the surface. thoughtful prompts. safety to explore honestly. be vulnerable.


hearty laughter. overflowing heart. silliness. while the world can be full of heaviness, we still seek joy.



our team


josh hersh // founder + creative director (brooklyn)

queeret found its way into the world through a variety of sources — a Netflix special by comedian Hannah Gadsby, my own trials as an introvert living in New York City, and a longing to create alternative spaces for queer people to socialize. the inner life has always been significant for me. i guess you could say diving deep into what it means to be human is what draws me to meaningful conversations and the “big ideas” of life. this weaving together of being queer, introverted, and creating sober spaces where queer people can connect is a mission that continues to tug at my heart and soul.